What the webinar was all about:

This webinar featured Richard Mabey, CEO, at Juro in conversation with lawyer and legal designer Marie Potel-Saville. They discussed the practical application of legal design for businesses, providing case studies, along with the tools and resources to make this happen in your team.

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Juro can help you supercharge your contract workflow:

  • Get to yes faster with beautiful electronic signing. Juro helps you close contracts on any device with branded, legally binding electronic signing.
  • Keep control of contracts when you’re growing like crazy. Ensure the correct terms are agreed every time, keep track of contract activity and never miss a renewal deadline again.
  • Gain full visibility into your rich contract data. Contracts contain some of your business’ most valuable data. Juro summarises contracts from the get-go and ensures your systems are in sync.
  • Work smarter with intuitive comment trails in your browser. Discuss contract versions directly through Juro saving you up to 75% of time on contracts, while preserving a permanent record of contract negotiations.
  • Empower your sales team by deeply integrating contracts into Salesforce. Map fields in Juro templates to SFDC then generate and send contracts for signing right from within your Salesforce instance. Once signed, you'll have a record of the contract in Salesforce and tracked in Juro.