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When resources are tight, what first steps can you take to optimise legal operations?

This live webinar featured a panel of legal operations experts in conversation with Richard Mabey, CEO at Juro. They were:

Amy Jacoby: Legal Operations Manager at Spotify

Holly Manvell: Deputy Company Secretary & Head of Legal Operations at Trainline

Natalie Salunke: Vice President & Head of Legal - Europe at FLEETCOR

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What was covered:

  • Communications: three ways to reduce your email burden
  • Data analytics: if you can only monitor one number, what should it be?
  • Organizational design: you're hiring the second lawyer in your company. What skillset should you look for?
  • Technology & process support: what tech hacks can you do with the office software you already have?
  • Cross-functional alignment: who's the one ally elsewhere in the business you should focus on aligning with?
  • Vendor management: what's the single most valuable behavioural change you should ask from your external counsel? 
  • Financial management: if you're the only in-house lawyer and you only have time to build one spreadsheet, what should it be?

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