The 2021 Tech GC report:

Navigating the new reality

Juro's annual report, in partnership with Wilson Sonsini, reveals the biggest challenges for legal teams at the world's fastest-growing companies. Dive in to explore the latest insights from legal leaders covering everything from career development to the tech stack they use every day, to the toughest hurdles for scaling legal in a remote-first world.

Juro's 2021 Tech GC report

What’s inside?

This report, in partnership with Wilson Sonsini, explores how the role of the in-house lawyer has changed over the past year. 

Has the 'great resignation' of 2021 spread to in-house legal? How are legal leaders mitigating routine tasks to focus on high-value work? And how has the rise of the remote GC impacted legal teams? 

Tech GCs share their thoughts in our 2021 report.

2021 Tech GC report contents page


Wilson Sonsini's Daniel Glazer introduces the report with an overview of why high-growth technology companies require strong leadership from their in-house lawyers more than ever before.


Daniel Glazer

Managing Partner, Wilson Sonsini London
Section 1

Shaping your legal career

How has the past year affected the career trajectory of in-house lawyer? Are GCs looking to stay in-house, move back to private practice, or move away from legal entirely?

2021 Tech GC report: section 1

the new reality

Legal leaders weigh in on the impact of remote working on in-house careers
Section 2

Technology and automation

Has in-house legal’s relationship to technology changed over the past year? We asked legal teams what they really want from a technology solution.

2021 Tech GC report: section 2

The latest trends

How has the relationship between legal and tech changed over the past year?
Section 3

Legal's biggest challenges

Last year, low-value work and limited resources were cited as the biggest challenges for in-house lawyers. Has remote working presented new hurdles for scaling teams?

2021 Tech GC report: section 3

scaling the legal team

Tech GCs weigh in on their top challenges in 2021

Analysis: why are lawyers buried in low-value work?

As business teams scale, legal teams are often left behind in budget and headcount. How can legal bypass repetitive tasks, and ensure that they are focusing on high-value work?

2021 Tech GC report: David Wang

David Wang

Chief Innovation Officer, Wilson Sonsini


The past year has been a period of enormous change for the world. What has changed for the tech GC? And what does the rest of the year have in store for in-house legal teams?


Richard Mabey

CEO and co-founder, Juro

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