The Bundle | Nov 2021

The latest need-to-knows for scaleup lawyers 

The Juro community is an exclusive network of lawyers and legal operations experts at high-growth companies. The Bundle explores the hot topics that have members scratching their heads - from enabling the business to scaling your legal career, to contract standardization, and much more.

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In this issue ... 

You'll find need-to-know insights from legal and business leaders at some of Europe's fastest-growing scaleups, like Liberis, HelloFresh, Omnipresent, Pollen, and more.

Learn all about contract standardization, enabling the business, information governance at a scaleup, and how to progress from lawyer to CEO from some of the leaders that have been there and done it. 


Scaling your processes - and your career

The Juro team introduces this issue with an overview of why lawyers make great entrepreneurs, how legal can enable the wider business, and what the future holds for contracts and document standardization.


Tom Bangay

Director of Content, Juro
Chapter 1

The value of contract standardization: creating oneNDA

Document standardization is a no-brainer for legal teams in all companies, but particularly in scaleups. But how can lawyers working in high-pressure, high-growth environments get started with standardized contracts? Enter: oneNDA.


Electra Japonas

Co-founder, oneNDA
Chapter 2

The latest on contracts with Juro's co-founders

How have contracts changed over the past few years? Juro's co-founders explore the problems Juro is trying to solve, the tech lawyers use to agree and manage contracts, and answer some contract-related questions from the legal community.


Richard Mabey & Pavel Kovalevich

Co-founders, Juro
Chapter 3

Collaboration case study: how legal can enable the operations team

What does the operations team want from its legal colleagues? What traits should legal adopt so they can enable operations at a scaleup? Find the answers in our collaboration case study, exploring the dynamic between legal and operations at Liberis.


Hanna Sommer

Head of Global Operations, Liberis
Chapter 4

Collaboration case study: how operations can enable the legal team

What does the legal team want from its operations colleagues? Our collaboration case study, explores the dynamic between legal and operations at Liberis, looking at the traits operations teams need to adopt in order to enable legal at a scaleup.


Alexis Alexander

General Counsel, Liberis
Chapter 5

Four lessons I learned building a legal workspace at Pollen

Once you've established yourself as a seasoned lawyer at a scaleup, a lot of information simply lives in your head. How do you turn this information into a scalable knowledge base that is accessible for business colleagues?


Stephanie Ng-Fragner

General Counsel, Pollen
Chapter 6

Scaling your legal career: from lawyer to CEO

In this interview series, we dive into the journeys made by lawyers who embarked on the entrepreneurial path to become CEOs. Firstly, you'll hear from Mary Bonsor, CEO and co-founder of Flex Legal.


Mary Bonsor

CEO and co-founder, Flex Legal
Chapter 7

Scaling your legal career: from private practice to scaleup founder

The second interview is with Julia Salasky, CEO and founder of both Legl and CrowdJustice. What advice can she offer aspiring legal entrepreneurs?


Julia Salasky

CEO and co-founder, Legl and CrowdJustice
Chapter 8

Scaling your legal career: from lawyer to entrepreneur

The final interview in this series is with Janvi Patel, formerly chairwoman and CEO of the ALSP, Halebury. She shares her journey from private practice to in-house, and then from in-house to the role of an entrepreneurial leader.


Janvi Patel

Previously chairwoman and co-founder, Halebury

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