The Bundle | Sept 2021

The IPO special 🚀

In 2021 alone, we’ve seen a number of hugely impressive tech scaleups sprint to the line and become public companies. How does legal prepare for, execute, and handle the aftermath of the most important stage of a company's journey?

Issue #2 of The Bundle explores how legal can ensure a successful IPO. You'll learn about how to prepare for an IPO, manage the project, and adapt effectively when your company goes public.


In this issue ... 

Legal leaders at some of the world's fastest-growing companies share their experience and lessons learned from taking their companies public. Legal leaders at UiPath, Wise, Trustpilot, Trainline and more explore how legal can best prepare for an IPO, the IPO process, and how legal's role transforms post-IPO. 


The mother of all exits

The Juro team introduces why the IPO has been the main topic of conversation amongst the scaleup lawyer community, and how legal plays a pivotal role in the ultimate exit.


Tom Bangay

Director of Content, Juro
Chapter 1

How legal can prepare for an IPO

Legal undertakes a mountain of work to help a company go public. How can lawyers plan ahead for this project? Neil Murrin, who led Trainline's legal team through the second largest UK listing in 2019, provides eight steps for success in an IPO.


Neil Murrin

General Counsel, Trainline
Chapter 2

The IPO sprint: going public in three months

With a deliberately aggressive timetable to go public, the legal team at LendInvest needed to rapidly execute a vast amount of work in a short amount of time. Ruth Pearson details the five lessons she learned during LendInvest's July 2021 IPO.


Ruth Pearson

General Counsel, LendInvest
Chapter 3

Leading the UK's first ever direct listing

How did Wise, formerly TransferWise, successfully complete the UK's first ever direct listing? And how did the experience reshape legal's profile in the business? Jessica Winter, Head of Corporate Legal at Wise, shares her experiences.


Jessica Winter

Head of Corporate Legal, Wise
Chapter 4

Post-IPO: legal's changing responsibilities

Your company has just gone public - what's next? UiPath's Global Corporate VP, Ioana Vieru, details the changes in her role and the challenges ahead for the legal team as UiPath began life as a public company in April 2021.


Ioana Vieru

Global Corporate Lead Counsel, UiPath

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