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Contract automation:

Start small, win big

You don't need to pursue a massive transformation project to see efficiencies and ROI from contract automation. This guide takes a deep dive into three documents that businesses often choose to start with. Can your business win big, by starting small?


What's inside?

This guide takes a deep dive into three of the most automated contracts: the Master Services Agreement, the Non-Disclosure Agreement and the Employment Offer Letter. What are these documents for? Who owns them? What’s painful about them? What problems do they cause, who is affected, and what are the benefits of automating them in the right way?



The Master Services Agreement

MSAs exist, at least in theory, to make contract negotiations simpler and faster. But that’s far from the experience that many modern legal teams report. How can automation change that picture?


enable your sales team

How and why businesses automate MSAs

The Non-Disclosure Agreement

NDAs sit at the low-negotiation end of the contract spectrum, making them a prime candidate for automation. How do businesses go about this, and what are the benefits of making it happen?


Stop wasting time

Lawyers: automate NDAs and get your lives back

The Employment Offer Letter

Hiring should be one of the happiest moments in your company's life, but too often, the document setting out your new relationship is a bureaucratic, clunky process. Can automation change that?


Hire great people faster

Give candidates a great experience with automation

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