Revealed: what the business actually wants from legal

Legal teams always say they want to 'enable the business'. But has anyone asked the business what they want? Well, we did. Hear directly from key internal clients in the C-suite, sales, HR, operations, board members and investors about their expectations of their in-house legal team. 


What’s inside?

When are lawyers at their most useful? What qualities do they need and what should their objectives be? Which behaviours are valued – and which have the potential to frustrate? How can lawyers help their colleagues to do their jobs better? Internal clients, from CEO through to people and operations teams, share their experiences with legal teams at exciting companies like Onfido, Relativity, Duco and Peakon. The top-tier investors who advise on hiring lawyers weigh in too.



What does the business want from its in-house legal team?

Legal leaders say they want to "add value to the business" - but what does the business expect from its legal team? Juro CEO and co-founder, Richard Mabey, sets out the key questions answered in this eBook.


Richard Mabey

CEO and co-founder, Juro
Chapter 1

How legal can enable sales operations

Peakon's head of revenue ops, Rowan Bailey, explores the different ways he collaborates with the legal team - and how the legal function can add strategic value when his team needs it most.


Rowan Bailey

Head of Revenue Operations, Peakon
Chapter 2

How legal can enable sales leadership

Sales teams are laser-focused on one thing: closing. James Boreham, Juro's Director of Sales, explains how legal can adopt a mindset that drives this objective forward and enables sales teams to succeed.


James Boreham

Director of Sales, Juro
Chapter 3

How legal can enable HR

As the business scales, cooperation between legal and HR is imperative. Relativity's CHRO, Beth Clutterbuck, explains how legal can enable and support people teams globally.


Beth Clutterbuck

CHRO, Relativity
Chapter 4

How legal can enable finance

Having legal knowledge in-house is invaluable for finance leaders at scaling companies. Duco's Danielle Price explains how lawyers can pair this knowledge with data to help finance forecast and deliver results.


Danielle Price

Head of Finance and Operations, Duco
Chapter 5

How legal can enable the CEO

Find out what the CEO of one of Europe's fastest-growing companies expects from his legal team. What does *really* good look like, according to Onfido's Husayn Kassai, and how do you find the right team to make it happen?


Husayn Kassai

CEO, Onfido
Chapter 6

The investor perspective

When the company hits rapid growth, and it's time to partner on funding rounds and growth initiatives, what are board members looking for from that all-important first legal hire?


Christoph Janz & John Buttrick

Managing Partner, Point Nine Capital. Partner, Union Square Ventures

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