Scaling your legal team

Who to hire, how and why 

Find out how high-growth businesses like Monzo, Zoopla and Habito create their legal dream teams.


What’s inside?

This in-depth guide explores how to scale your legal function to match the ambition of a growing business. What kind of roles should you hire, what benefits do they bring, and how do you run an efficient hiring process?

Inside, GCs share their experiences building high-growth teams at companies like Zoopla, Monzo, Peakon, Fleetcor and Habito. You'll find insights on:

The pros and cons of each type of role | Where to find the right candidates | What to ask at interview | How to run an effective, efficient hiring process | and more ...


Who to hire: the intern

If you land in a company with a huge volume of work, your first hire might be neither permanent nor a qualified professional. Natalie Salunke, VP Head of Legal, UK, Europe & ANZ at Fleetcor, shares her experiences employing interns to help legal achieve its goals.

Who to hire: the paralegal

The first step for many when it comes to expanding their team is to take on a paralegal. Rohan Paramesh, VP Head of Legal at Habito, explains how to find and interview high-performing paralegals.

Who to hire: the legal counsel

Depending on the complexity of your workload, you might need someone with genuine post-qualification experience behind them. Tom Luk, General Counsel at Peakon, explores the benefits and challenges of hiring a generalist.

Who to hire: the data/IP specialist

If you're at a high-growth tech company, it’s disproportionately likely that you’ll be dealing with complex IP and data matters. Ned Staple, General Counsel at Cazoo, explains how to recruit a specialist - and keep them happy.

Who to hire: the operations manager

For some legal teams, the right hire isn’t a lawyer at all. Find out why Dean Nash, Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel at Monzo, turned to operations managers when it came time to scale his legal function along with the business.

How to run the hiring process

Once you’ve decided what kind of role to hire, there’s just the small matter of actually hiring them. HR guru Ben Gateley, COO and co-founder at CharlieHR, sets out the key principles to running a hiring process without ruining your life.

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