Legal for SaaS:

How to scale legal work without scaling legal headcount

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies scale fast. But as an in-house lawyer, how do you keep up when legal headcount doesn't scale alongside the business? Legal leaders from some of the world's fastest-growing SaaS companies break down how they they scale legal work without scaling legal headcount in our latest eBook.


What’s inside?

This eBook contains insights from legal leaders at Trustpilot, Typeform, Onfido, Lookout and more - exploring how scalable legal process can help legal enable rapid growth.

This guide explores the different roles that successful SaaS lawyers play, and brings you the inside story on self-serve as a lever for revenue growth. Hear from legal leaders who've seen it and done it.



Juro CEO and co-founder, Richard Mabey, introduces this eBook by exploring the unique legal challenges of the SaaS environment - particularly when it comes to scaling.


Richard Mabey

CEO and co-Founder, Juro
Chapter 1

The dealmaker

The key to working with sales is to partner with them on deals and empower them with knowledge to help them help themselves. But how do you get started?


Colin Levy

Legal Counsel, Lookout
Chapter 2

The overseer

When implementing a scalable, compliant process, legal must no longer be a blocker - it must become an overseer. But how do you create and manage that oversight?

gavin walles headshot

Gavin Walles

General Counsel, Mention Me
Chapter 3

Case study: self-serve, scalable contracts

We dive in to how the legal team at Masabi solved a common problem for SaaS lawyers: how do you scale contracts without scaling legal?


Case study

Legal team, Masabi
Chapter 4

The strategist

Landing as a lawyer in a high-growth tech business, the role you have to adopt is that of a strategist. How do you find balance between planning ahead and making sure key legal processes continue?

carolyn jameson (1)

Carolyn Jameson

Chief Legal and Policy Officer, Trustpilot
Chapter 5

The 10x thinker

To plan and implement process for scale, you must think in terms of revolutionary change, rather than evolutionary change. 10x thinking in legal can help.

francesca porter headshot

Francesca Porter

General Counsel, Onfido
Chapter 6

The end user champion

To truly enable the business to scale, it's helpful to focus on your end users - whether customers or colleagues. How can you work backwards from their needs to create a human legal process?

daniel urban headshot

Daniel Urbán

Director, Corporate Counsel, Typeform
Chapter 7

How to digitize SaaS agreements

SaaS companies move quickly. Contracts often don't. Juro's customer success team sets out the practical steps involved in digitizing your contract process to be as innovative as the software you provide.

claire oregan headshot

Claire O'Regan

Director of Customer Success, Juro

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