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The rise of legal operations: designing data-driven legal processes

This live webinar will feature a panel of legal operations professionals in conversation with Richard Mabey, CEO at Juro. Our panel will include... 


Stephanie Corey: CLOC Co-Founder; Co-founder and General Partner at UpLevel Ops

Lucy Endel Bassli: Founder & Principal of InnoLegal Services, Chief Legal Strategist at LawGeex

Sarah Barrett-Vane: Legal Operations Consultant, former Director of Legal Ops at Royal Mail


What we'll be talking about


  • Legal operations is on the rise, why, and where is it going?
  • What does it really mean to be a data-driven legal team?
  • In which key areas should legal data be used?
  • How can you get hold of data, and which types are actually useful?
  • How do you equip your team to use data in a meaningful way?
  • How can using data alter the perception of the legal team within the wider business?
  • What are the main challenges in getting buy in for a legal operations project?
  • Legal technology and process improvement - what options are there for in-house?
  • Where can legal teams go to seek more information on legal operations?
  • What does the legal team of the future look like?


2018 | 09:00 PDT | 17:00 in the UK



Stephanie ImageStephanie Corey
CLOC Co-founder; Co-Founder
General Partner at UpLevel Ops
Stephanie is a Co-founder of UpLevel Ops, a consulting firm specialising in providing services for in-house legal departments and law firms. Stephanie also founded and is a former executive member of CLOC. Stephanie has spent the better part of her career providing value-added services to legal departments, including building and deploying critical infrastructure to enable them to meet their business priorities. 
Lucy ImageLucy Endel Bassli
Founder & Principal of InnoLegal Services
Chief Legal Strategist for LawGeex
Lucy is a legal industry expert, engaging in thought-leadership projects to drive change and evolution in the delivery of legal services. She works with law departments and law firms on innovating their legal service delivery and consumption models. Lucy specialises in all things contracting: resource allocation, automation, process optimisation and smart risk taking.
Sarah ImageSarah Barrett-Vane
Legal Operations Consultant
Former Director of Legal Operations at Royal Mail 
Director of Legal Operations at Royal Mail until 2018, Sarah now provides consultancy services to in-house legal departments, law firms & technology companies, including: legal procurement & panel reviews – public/private sector, legal technology implementation/process improvements, and bid support & bid writing for legal services providers.