The remote onboarding guide:

Deliver the experience your team deserves

People and talent teams need to survive and thrive, hiring and onboarding employees in a business environment changed suddenly by COVID-19. If employee onboarding is fully remote, how can you make it successful, delightful, and more human? 


What's inside?

This guide shares insights from people and talent experts at Sqreen, People Collective, and CharlieHR, as well as hearing directly from Juro's remotely-onboarded employees.

They share their knowledge and experience to guide you through the various stages of remote onboarding - from making the offer, to pre-boarding, onboarding, and beyond. Check out the chapter summaries below.



Why is everyone talking about remote onboarding, and how is it different to regular onboarding? Juro's Talent Acquisition Lead sets the scene and introduces this guide.


Thomas Forstner

Talent Acquisition Lead, Juro
Chapter 1

Why great onboarding matters

How you welcome new candidates to the business is perhaps more important now than ever. Sqreen's Head of People explains why onboarding still matters - and what can make it great.


Alison Eastaway

Head of People, Sqreen
Chapter 2

How to write the perfect offer letter

Hiring a new employee should be a happy moment, but offer letters consistently let the process down. Juro's co-founder and CEO shares his experiences creating a great experience with offer letters.


Richard Mabey

CEO and co-founder, Juro
Chapter 3

Preboarding: from signing to starting

What is preboarding? Why is it crucial to get right? People Collective's co-founder discusses preboarding, and how it can enable your candidate to hit the ground running from day one.


Matt Bradburn

Co-founder, People Collective
Chapter 4

Onboarding: productivity and culture

The experts at CharlieHR are culture gurus - their CEO shares his top tips for delivering a remote onboarding experience that'll make new joiners productive and happy.


Ben Gateley

CEO and Co-founder, CharlieHR

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