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eBook: Legal for scaleups


Create, build and scale a world-class legal function

You've just joined a high-growth tech company as its first lawyer. How do you get from square one to a dynamic, robust, scaleable legal function? We gathered expert insight from legal leaders at some of the world's fastest-growing businesses to find out.

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The remote onboarding guide: deliver the experience your team deserves

How can people and talent teams make remote onboarding successful, delightful and more human?

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Contract automation: start small, win big

This guide explores three of the most automated contracts: what are the benefits of automating them in the right way?

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Curated for you: the best tools for remote collaboration

Working together remotely isn't easy. We've curated the best tools to help you collaborate remotely with your team.

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The Modern Contract Handbook

How do you future-proof your contract management? Expert authors break down every stage of the process to find out.

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Scaling B2B Sales: how to build a revenue rocket ship

From startup to $50m ARR, find out how some of the B2B world's best sales leaders achieve unstoppable growth.

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Scaling your legal team: who to hire, how and why

Find out how high-growth businesses like Monzo, Zoopla and Habito create and scale their legal dream teams.

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Whitepaper: Machine learning in contracts

Whitepaper: Juro's lead data scientist, Dr. Matt Upson, separates fact, fiction, myth and reality in legal AI.

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RVU: business-wide contract collaboration

Find out how RVU created a system of record for contracts with expanding usage across multiple teams in the business.

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Appear Here: empowering commercial and HR teams

How did Appear Here streamline the end-to-end contract process, delight candidates, and enable the commercial team?

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Curve: Reinventing the candidate experience

Discover how Curve used Juro to improve the candidate experience, streamline negotiations, and reduce time-to-hire.

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Habito: an off-the-shelf system for contracts

Find out how Habito created an accessible, automated contract workflow that eased the burden off the legal team.

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Flux: complex contracts, effortless workflow

Find out how Flux used Juro to reduce the end-to-end lifecycle of complex agreements to under ten days.

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Eton Shirts: managing the unmanageable

How did Eton Shirts use Juro to manage a large-scale contract project and replace manual process across three teams?

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Machine-readable contracts: a new paradigm for legal documentation

This whitepaper explores the collaborative paradigm that's possible if contracts are created as machine-readable...

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Tooploox: building a scalable contract process

How did Tooploox use Juro to make contract creation and management easier for everyone in the business?

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Farmdrop: making contracts work for everyone

Find out how Farmdrop used Juro to establish a scalable legal workflow that all parties could understand.

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Masabi: creating a single source of truth

Find out how Masabi simplified team collaboration with a central hub for their legal processes.

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Shieldpay: a streamlined contract workflow

Find out how Juro helped Shieldpay empower their commercial team and close deals faster.

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Give a Grad a Go: frictionless contracting

Learn how recruitment agency Give a Grad a Go used Juro to create and manage a high-volume, high-speed workflow.

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Luno: simple, fast contract management

How did Luno use Juro to create a swift and seamless contract process to manage their documents?

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City Relay: scaling mobile-friendly contracts

How did property management company City Relay create mobile-friendly contracts to help scale at speed?

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Curated for you: the best tools for sales teams

Looking to scale the sales function at your company? Relax: we've curated the tools you need to scale sales fast.

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Legal operations: how to do it and why it matters

Legal ops experts from some of the world's best companies share practical advice on how to get started - and excel.

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How Wolt took half the time & pain out of contracts

Read how Wolt expanded from 2 users to 40, signed 3000 restaurants and took the time & pain out of contracts.

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Curated for you: the best tools for legal teams

Need to jump-start your legal function? Relax: we've curated the top legal tech tools you need to scale legal fast.

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How to make the bulletproof business case

The 12-step guide to proving ROI and convincing stakeholders to invest in contract management software.

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Explainer: what is legal operations?

Definitions, competencies, webinars, eBooks - everything you need to know about legal ops in one handy explainer.

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Deliveroo: scaling legal at lightning speed

Find out how to scale legal workflow and roll out 1400 legal documents to 13 jurisdictions in two weeks.

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Explainer: what is contract management software?

Terminology, features, benefits, users - get an in-depth understanding of contract management software.

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Tempo: a frictionless contracts solution

Find out how innovative recruitment agency Tempo used Juro to reduce time per contract from 25 to just 5 minutes.

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Legal operations: from nothing to something

Experts from Spotify, Trainline and Fleetcor share their insights building legal operations from the ground up.

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The 2019 Tech GC survey report

What are the biggest priorities for legal teams at tech companies? Find out in our latest report with WSGR London.

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Unbabel: how to close contracts 30% faster

Unbabel achieved 30% faster closing and saved 75% of time on contracts with Juro's + Salesforce. Find out how.

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What happened at CLOC's London 2019 institute?

Couldn't make it to CLOC London 2019? Get the key themes & takeaways from the flagship legal ops event.

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Close sales contracts faster: Juro + Salesforce

Live webinar: close sales without ever leaving your CRM system with Juro's two-way Salesforce integration.

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How to scale your workflow & create contract magic

This webinar explores how contract processes can drive ROI, efficiency and user experience when it matters most.

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Nested: how to save 96% of time on contracts

Read how Nested delivered a great experience to homebuyers, saving 96% of time on contracts in the process.

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Post legal ops webinar card

Designing data-driven legal teams

Hear three legal operations experts explain how to build a data-driven culture as the core of your in-house legal...

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How legal design can work for in-house counsel

Explore why legal design matters for in-house lawyers post-GDPR, and how to make it happen at your company.

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