Scaling B2B Sales

How to build a revenue rocket ship

From building a pipeline and scaling outbound to performance management, and from startup to $50m ARR, find out how some of the B2B world's best sales leaders achieve unstoppable growth.


What's inside?

How did Cognism grow revenue more than 600% in one year? What reporting and KPI techniques powered CrowdStrike's sales through to its stunning IPO? How does the former #1 salesperson at LinkedIn approach managing Generation Z?

In this detailed guide, scaling experts share the insights that can power your B2B sales growth from startup through scaleup and beyond. Hear from experts who've seen it and done it, and accelerate your journey to becoming a sales powerhouse.


You learn a lot going from $0 to $50mm ARR in five years. Justin D. Welsh introduces this guide and explains how a strong support network can make all the difference.


Justin Welsh

SVP Sales at PatientPop
Chapter 1

Pipeline management: getting real about deals

Building a pipeline from scratch is no mean feat - but how do you make it robust enough to scale? Get the inside story from Cognism's target-destroying CRO.


Nazma Qurban

CRO at Cognism
Chapter 2

The playbook: the blueprint to your money machine

Trying to scale sales teams is still a massive challenge when growing a business. Learn how a playbook can make all the difference.


Ben Wright

Director at Ben Wright Consulting
Chapter 3

Scaling outbound: from nowhere to somewhere

Succeeding in outbound is the fastest way for a startup to gain the market visibility it needs to scale up successfully. Achieving traction in outbound is difficult - but not impossible.


Ananda Mele

Head of Sales at i-surance AG
Chapter 4

Reporting, analytics & KPIS: how to design for scale

Explore how to design for scale and create a sales powerhouse using reporting, analytics and KPIs to drive smarter business decisions that take growth to the next level.


Dean Eggleton

EMEA Operations at CrowdStrike
Chapter 5

Scaling contract process: how to close 1000 contracts a month

Learn how to optimise one of the most fundamental sales processes, in order to drive business growth, scale quickly, and delight your customers in the process.


Richard Mabey

CEO at Juro
Chapter 6

Performance management: finding and managing tomorrow’s sales leaders

How do you make the best judgement calls in a field that's so unpredictable, and how do you master performance management in a fast-paced environment?


James Ski

Founder at Sales Confidence

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